Throat Chakra Sound Healing


MIND: For those seeking to express with more ease, ability, and direction through creativity and communication. Also helpful to aid in deeper listening within and with others.


BODY: For those seeking attunement in their throat, jaw, thyroid, neck, teeth, ears, and esophagus.


SPIRIT: For those seeking alignment with their vision and capacity to bring projects and life purpose to fruition while using energy efficiently.


Give yourself the gift of deep listening through this sound healing recording. I invite you to choose time, space, and healing for your whole being.



What is Sound Healing?


With intention and entrainment, sound becomes a healing force. Entrainment is the process of physiologically syncing to another vibration. An example of this is a baby matching it's mother's heartbeat. We often sync to the sound pollution of our exterior surroundings such as humming technology and traffic.


By intentionally creating space to tune into the sounds of our own bodies, releaseing the stories held in those sounds and in our bones, we can take responsibility for our own healing and sing ourselves to health.


DISCLAIMER - Do Not listen while driving a vehicle or operating machinery.




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