Immune Health

It's time to trust our bodies. 

They know how to protect and heal.


The Body Protects. This recording is for those who desire a boost in their immune system, wish to befriend their immune system, and are ready to trust their immune system. From autoimmune challenges, to Covid-19, and even the common flu - we all desire optimum health throughout our entire system. Instead of reacting with fear when illness threatens the body, lean into this deep relaxation as an invitation to re-engage with the body. It's wanting your attention. Using tonality centered in the Root and Heart Chakra, this recording is unique in the combination of the areas in the body responsible for the immune and respiratory systems. Give yourself the gift of surrender through the art of hypnotherapy and calming music. I invite you to choose time, space, and healing for your whole being.


What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis is simply relaxing the subconscious mind to absorb positive suggestions/affirmations, such as, "Feeling more confident, secure, and stable, allowing goodness to enter my life, releasing negativity and replacing it with absolute goodness knowing I am absolutely good."


What it isn't?


Mind control. It is impossible to lead or plant information into one's subconscious as the individual will engage the conscious mind and come out of the hypnotic state* if anything said conflicts with the participant's values or belief systems.


*Hypnotic State: Accessing the alpha and theta brainwaves exactly like a guided meditation, shavasana,  or yoga nidra.


What is Sound Healing?


With intention and entrainment, sound becomes a healing force. Entrainment is the process of physiologically syncing to another vibration. An example of this is a baby matching its mother's heartbeat.


We often sync to the sound pollution of our exterior surroundings such as humming technology and traffic.

By intentionally creating space to tune into the sounds of our own bodies, releasing the stories held in those sounds and in our bones, we can take responsibility for our own healing and sing ourselves to health.


What is Guided Imagery?


Utilizing the five senses and one's imagination, guided imagery simply guides the participant through an imagery to promote self inquiry all while in a relaxed state.


Ex. "As you are now deeply relaxed, envision you are walking into a lush forest filled with light and sounds of comfort and confidence. See an animal before you."


In the processing of this specific animal symbolism, the participant gains greater clarity of who they are within their current challenge and how to move forward with this deepened self awareness.



DISCLAIMER - Do Not listen while driving a vehicle or operating machinery. 

Immune Health

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