Body Scan Meditation



This self awareness technique allows for the whole body; emotional, physical, and spiritual, to be noticed, witnessed and seen. By observing in each part of the body, this may illuminate areas that desire more attention. This meditation may also release pain and suffering from specific points in the body simply by noticing them.


Listen in.


Using guided imagery and meditation, these recordings are intented to further self awareness and expansive self compassion. Listen in. Be with. 


When we know ourselves, we can heal ourselves.



What is Guided Imagery?


Utilizing the five senses and one's imagination, guided imagery simply guides the participant through an imagery to promote self inquiry all while in a relaxed state.


Ex. "As you are now deeply relaxed, envision you are walking into a lush forest filled with light and sounds of comfort and confidence. See an animal before you."


In the processing of this specific animal symbolism, the participant gains greater clarity of who they are within their current challenge and how to move forward with this deepened self awareness.



DISCLAIMER - Do Not listen while driving a vehicle or operating machinery. 

Body Scan Meditation


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