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My uncle was in the last months of his life after battling cancer for over nine years. Married to a pianist and music director, I knew both for him and for me that music is the ultimate source of healing. I also know that healing doesn't have to be defined by a cure, but could mean a transition instead.

"Go Home, Dean," is the product of what was freely channeled and recorded from my iPhone. This sound experience was birthed from the combination of my somatic and scientific knowledge of sound healing with my personal intuitive process of psychic singing. The process is simple, and yet the impact extraordinary. 


"It was exactly what I needed... The vibration of your voice is so pure, it takes you to another dimension."

Leyla N.

"Brittany is so loving, kind, and intuitive. She knows how to help remove blocks and fears. Brittany's brought music back into my life. I'm sure she can do the same for you."

Lenore W.

"I am so grateful that you exist, that you are here and sharing your gifts... It's like the angelic realms in human vibration."


Leyla N.

What Listeners are Saying

Support System 


Sounds of Your Life

From the birthday voicemail to the bells at my sister's seminary while she was far away in New York City for three years, this recording is filled with the sounds of my life, my family, memories, places, and people. The owl from outside my childhood home wanes in and out. I can see the silly face my mother makes as she leaves me this voicemail. I sing "Over the Rainbow," from Bangalore, India, the last song I sang to my grandmother over the phone before she passed. And so perfectly, my great-aunt Marian, whispers wisdom while the birds sing me home to myself. 

I created this for me. My family is FULL of powerful, consciousness-raising, full-body-hugging, dreamers of women. This has comforted me through many life transitions and opened me to the greatest wisdom of all, that of my ancestors. I carry them in my bones. I carry them in my breath. This is for them. This is for us all.


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