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First step for personal growth, in recovery, and for survivors of any kind is acceptance. How can we accept what we do not know? Through the relaxation technique of guided imagery, we are able to bypass denial in order to discover the root of self harm in any form, be it negative thought patterns, reactionary behavior, addiction, or physical harm.


By cultivating self compassion through self inquiry, we can combat isolation by sharing our most intimate and personal experiences of the mind, heart, and soul discovered through this membership. Isolation leads to depression, suicide ideation, and other physical and mental illnesses. By creating community through mindfulness, we can expand new-found self compassion into deep connection and global empathy.



By accessing the alpha and theta brainwaves during meditation, hypnosis, sound healing, and other relaxation techniques, the body has a chance to deeply rest while the subconscious has the opportunity to express and communicate. This releases stress from both brain and body while also adding more focus, motivation, and meaning.


With our World...

...In turmoil and chaos, with more stress as a natural and persistent part of the human daily life, we are called inward to become increasingly more self aware for our own healing.


So, why can't this journey be one of deep relaxation and restoration? 


Meditation is known for this self inquiry, as well as creating enhanced self compassion through honest observation and acceptance.


Sound Healing assists in the vibrational integration of this self awareness and self compassion through the whole being. Choose. Participate. Create a sound mind, body, and spirit for the whole being to experience well-being. 

Listen in. Be well.


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