By bringing mindfulness and deep relaxation into the work place, you can create community and connection. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, increase sense of well-being and empathy, improve focus, and enhance relationships. With the knowledge that our brain only has the capacity to work at most 4 hours at a time effectively, this makes for the perfect mid-day break. 


More and more people are seeking meaning...


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Often an ignored population, aging communities are rapidly growing, and yet isolation persists. Through community engagement and meaning-making, these techniques can cultivate a safer space to commune, be transparent, and create stimulation and relaxation.

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By using mindfulness and relaxation techniques, each participant can access expansive insight while being gentle to themselves, perhaps for the first time. This process gets to the root of the "why" behind addictive behavior. When knowing the root, we can replace it with healthy thoughts and actions centered in deep listening and self awareness. Whether living with a dual diagnosis for many years or entering substance abuse recovery for the first time, these techniques can serve as an access point for the most persistent and pervasively-held belief systems.

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Transitions of any kind can be difficult and painful, but those of the body and of death are particularly challenging for most people. Through deep relaxation, the stress that exacerbates physical illnesses and holds humans from easily transitioning from their physical bodies is transmuted and understood. When we can hold the pain, we can learn how to release it. When we discover why it's here, we can more easily let it go.

Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair

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Meditation and mindfulness calm the nervous system and the prefrontal cortex. This allows for logical processing in order to create even more insight into one's experience. By relaxing both brain and body, the whole person has the opportunity to understand their reactionary behavior and heal the core of the trauma instead of just the symptoms.

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Through sound healing, guided meditation, mindfulness practices, psychic discovery, breath-work, and sound-somatic exercises, Brittany offers listeners the Mindful, Magic, and Mystic Memberships for enhanced self discovery and deepened self compassion.

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