Sound purge


This event is for want-to-be screamers and sound-makers who desire a healthier approach to self expression in body, mind, and spirit within a safer container.

All sounds are welcome.

"Brittany immediately created a space that was trusting... my voice was so much stronger, clearer, and more expressive. I felt more present and in tune with my body and emotions."

-Gabi S.

psychic discovery


Get To The Root of whatever challenge you are experiencing. When we know our patterns at the deepest level, we have the best chance possible at lasting transformation and self acceptance. This offering is for those seeking clarity in any area of life; relationships, career, soul purpose, health concerns, family, and more.

"My experience with Brittany was one to remember for the rest of my life.  I had a beautiful release and flood of emotions; knowing that where I am headed… is exactly where I should be. This experience was so positive, life changing and POWERFUL. I am grateful for the grace she holds for herself, to allow others to find the grace within themselves in such a vulnerable state. Sat Nam, Brittany."



SuperConscious Sound Journey


Using guided imagery, deep meditation, and sound healing, this event restores and relaxes while diving into expanded self discovery. This offering is for those seeking radical self compassion and deep inquiry. 

Channeled from the ethers, Brittany Wolfe is the conduit of tones beyond this world for listeners to experience a journey deep within their own soul and psyche.

"Finally, the musical healing experience of Brittany Wolfe is open to the world!! I have hoped and prayed for this moment! I have experienced this angelic, stress relieving, soul reaffirming vibration myself. You should come, be apart of something wonderful. Xo"


   -Mariah T.

"With our world in crisis, we have an obligation and privilege to create holistic harmony in ourselves first. THIS is radical activism; defiant self compassion and fierce self awareness."

-B. Wolfe

Looking for a one-on-one experience?


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